May 24, 2017 to July 28, by the architect of Norman. Norman Foster's: Rhythmic Epic" exhibition is exhibited at the London Design Museum. "Cartier: rhythm epic" exhibition from the design point of view, to explore the Cartier braceletmaking extraordinary creativity, and by Norman. Foster and London replica Cartier jewelryDesign Museum Director Dier. Deyan Sudjic co-curator. Not long ago, the London Design Museum incorporated a Cartier Santos bracelet with a Tank bracelet and placed it in the permanent gallery "Designer Maker User" at Kensington High Street. This time the acquisition of the classic works opened the museum director Diye. Sadic and Cartier's new round of dialogue, and contributed to the invitation to Foster as a curator on the "Cartier and Design" theme of a new interpretation. Foster was pleased to accept the invitation, because Santos bracelet design inspiration is due to his keen flight. In Paris, Geneva, La-Chaux-de-Fonds, London Replica Cartier Earringsand Milan after a number of meetings, Foster on the concept of the exhibition have a more precise grasp. Foster believes that the late 19th century and the early 20th century, the major changes in society to become Cartier braceletmaking process and the birth of a modern bracelet the key driving factors. In that era, art style, architectural pattern, travel and lifestyle have undergone enormous changes, indicating the birth of a new world. The exhibition presents a total of 170 treasures. These exhibits are mainly from the Collection, as well as the Musee de l'Air et de l'Espace and the Rockefeller Center at Le Bourget, Of the royal palace of Monaco of the precious collection. In addition, the audience can also Cartier Archives provided by the scrapbook extract, in-depth understanding of Cartier designers on the work of the course. The exhibition is divided into six main themes: (1) Paris changes and its impact on Cartier bracelet shape; (2) Louis. Cartier vs. Brazilian flight operator Albert. (3)Replica Cartier Lover Bracelet the birth of modern bracelet; (4) to meet the wartime lifestyle designed exquisite daily accessories; (5) focus on the mysterious clock and hollow movement of the Cartier braceletmaking process. In Louis. Francis. Louis-Francois amulette de cartier bracelet replica took over his Master. Picolle (Adolphe Picard) Paris Montrose Street in the 29th of the factory on the occasion, Paris is in a new era of freshman. Today, the French capital of Paris is renowned for its reputation, thanks in large part to the city architect George - Eugene. Baron Georges-Eugene Haussmann. He was appointed by Napoleon III, the city to achieve "air circulation, unified planning and street landscaping", and ultimately live up to expectations, to create a symmetrical neat, rational layout and accurate layout of the spatial structure. Here, a few boulevards are radially extending to the Quartet, the park and the square cross-linked. The birth of the Eiffel Tower is also legendary: the occasion of the Paris World Exposition in 1889, the Eiffel Tower is only as a temporary landmark exists, then it has been permanently retained as a new landmark in the city. After the completion of the tower also added a scientific laboratory with the weather station, architect Gustav. Eustel (GustaveEiffel) living in the tower next to an apartment. Shortly thereafter, the Eiffel Tower became world-famous and became a landmark in Paris. Cartier three brothers active in the upper reaches of the social community in Paris, with a number of extraordinary taste, the important care of the Lord maintained a close contact and friendship. Sometimes in order to fit their personal needs, Louis will also provide tailored design. It is this section of puzzled friendship and origin, for Louis and his brother Pierre opened a new world. New ways of life, the pursuit of women, sports and outdoor increasingly strong, a new society is forming. In the three brothers, curiosity never end. They are sponsors of the Union of Artists, whose father is also active in the arts circle and literary circle. At the same time, Louis and Pierre are members of the French Airways Club , which gathers the elite of the scientific, industrial and sports sectors. They also often attend informal occasions to learn about the latest news on cutting-edge technology and lay the foundation for future creation. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the rapid development of science and technology in Paris, known as the "cradle of air movement", the global attention. Louis is particularly interested in the research work carried out by the Air Force in Air France, who measured flight time, recorded flight data, engine run time, and fuel consumption limits. In this group of enthusiastic pilots, Louis met Albert. Replica Cartier Love NecklaceSantander - Dumont (1873-1932), and for him in 1904 to create the first worn on the wrist men bracelet. At that time, the engine is the object of people competing to chase, this subversive invention is much esteemed by the aristocracy. The early bracelet wearer was Boni Feisi. Germany. Marquis Boniface de Castellane, its square bracelet is similar to the mountain - Du Meng wearing style. Cartier for this exhibition specifically to create a number of models to commemorate this epoch-making breakthrough. They are designed to respect the historical information of the replica amulette de cartier ring Archives, such as Louis. Cartier signed the aircraft design and his fiduciary design of the car and steam voyage drawings and so on. In addition, the exhibition is also engraved with Santo Dumont's aircraft restaurant. The restaurant is also based on the image in the archives, and then build shape, to pay tribute to the romantic suave, highly adventurous aviation father. In 1904, Louis. Cartier is the pioneer of flight Albert. Santo Dumont created the first modern replica amulette de cartier earrings - the world famous Santos bracelet. This bracelet at first only one, but eventually in 1911 on sale, named Santo-Dumont bracelet. This classic can be described as an indispensable equipment pilots, easy to operate, so that the pilot can also achieve the flight time, speed and fuel consumption limits of the easy control. Its practical functionalism makes it a new symbol of modern society: on behalf of the courage of modern men to control the time of the heart. Santos bracelet to miniature model, the dial on the scale ring embedded in the rivets within the square frame, is standing on the Paris skyline steel building tribute, elegant lines in the world between the flow. This highly groundbreaking design implies a pioneering dialogue between aesthetics and function, declaring the arrival of a new era of modern style. Following the birth of Santos bracelet soon after, Cartier other shape of the bracelet have come into being. Tonneau bracelet (1906), Tortue bracelet (1912) and Tank bracelet (1917), together with the interpretation of the essence of replica cartier juste un clou ring: purely simple lines, pragmatism design. People of modern times are keen to travel, and the advent of various modes of transport also helps people travel around the world, such as Orient Express, Trans-Europ-Express, Pullman and French Line. Travelers' luggage tend to place a variety of items, of which the bracelet is the ideal travel companion. Also similar to the pen, cigarette box, table clock, equipped with timepieces of paper knife and other unique design of the accessories. They cater to the travelers' new way of life. The bracelet as a portable equipment on the road, always highlight the wearer's excellent taste. The collection of this period is also a symbol of personal emotional value. A unique design of the golden cigarette box, dating back to 1912, the inside of the lid is engraved including Albert. Santander - Dumont and Roland-Garros, including 30 flight pioneer name. The other side of the cigarette box is engraved with a map, and marked the French flight pioneer Di Erduo. in 1927 across the South Atlantic flight route. The rapid operation of the world today, the global travel hot unprecedented, but in the replica cartier panther ring workshop, everything is still steadily on the class. Craftsmen Replica Cartier Love Ringuphold the beginning of the heart, the use of precision instruments on the bracelet works carefully developed and adjusted, unswervingly abide by Seiko secret agents of the craft concept to ensure that Cartier bracelet and movement always maintain excellent quality. Cartier's long and long craft is undoubtedly highly respected by designers and architects. To replica cartier nail necklace, for example, behind the skill thanks to the skill of talented craftsmen, to meet the details of the harsh concept, creating a proud of a model for the sake of. Cartier braceletmaker Racha Defang, modern atmosphere, a number of skilled craftsmen gathered here, is committed to the pursuit of excellence, given every bracelet to life. The patience of the craftsmen and the enthusiasm of the craft as much as the peace of the street in Paris, fake cartier jewelry workshop, each of them works are the pursuit of the ultimate, carefully dumped Cartier braceletmaking vision. In the "Crafts" chapter of the exhibition, there is a table from the braceletmaker's daily use of the table, to the audience intuitive display of craftsmen on the superb pursuit of superb craftsmanship. In addition, the exhibits are also vivid description of the complex movement of how to undergo a step by step skillful shape. Mysterious clock, magnetic clock, gravity clock, prism clock and a pioneer aesthetics Santos-Dumont hollow bracelet, are in the form of unconventional to show the time. Whether it is hidden or obvious shape, excellent quality and superb craftsmanship has always been synonymous with Cartier timepieces.