Gemstone jewelry how to manufacture The ancients cloud "jade is not cut, not a device". All the precious stones after the raw materials must be processed to be processed into a variety of exquisite decorations and thus worth a hundred times it Practice has proved that all kinds of precious stones raw materials have to go through the lathe processing, can only show its perfect quality. What is a lathe craft? It refers to the gem style design and cutting of raw Cartier love bracelet replica materials, as well as grinding, polishing and other unique processing processes. In order to add gem shape perfect, make it bright, translucent and opaque raw materials, with a certain style and polished to increase the light on the gem surface of the reflection and concentrating intensity, to watch the best results; Transparent gemstone raw materials, not only to produce a number of highly polished facets, but also need to strictly determine the small surface symmetry type and coordination (including the precise angle, orientation and size, etc.), in order to enhance the light into the gem after the refraction , The total reflection and concentrating intensity, the best optical effect. Gemwork process is divided into two categories. One for the egg round gem-type lathe craft; the other for the small surface of the lathe craft. Egg round gem-type craftsmen can be subdivided into three kinds: 1. Simple shape egg round treasure, with a single dome curved surface, the bottom flat. 2. Double convex egg round treasure, with a double circular curved surface, symmetrical. 3. Hollow shape egg round treasure, the top of the convex surface for the convex, the lower part of the concave surface, was concave hollow style. The above three styles are suitable for opaque and translucent gemstones. Especially the third paragraph, more suitable for dark or dark gem raw materials, can make the light transfer, so that the gem shiny more dazzling. Application of small-scale turning process suitable for processing the production of transparent gemstone raw materials. Facet is the gemstone raw materials processing to make jewelry front and back are small smooth. Facial in the gem of the process known as the "turn". There are two types of flanging styles, stepped and diamond-shaped. Ladder style and further divided into rose-shaped, grandmother-shaped, table and scissors-shaped. Diamond-shaped style is the most commonly used diamond processing a gem style. Standard diamond-shaped car dealers to complete the 58 turn, the top 33 turn, bottom 25 turn. Standard diamond-shaped improved style pear-shaped, oval and olive-shaped. Modern diamond-shaped ancient style of ancient mine-shaped, European-shaped and ancient cushions and so on. Usually, the gem of the lathe when the "turn" angle and the size of the refractive index of precious stones. If the refractive Cartier love ring replica index of gemstones is between 1.40 and 1.60, the top angle is 40 ° to 50 ° and the bottom angle is 43 °. If the refractive index is between 1.60 and 2.00, the top angle is 40 ° and the bottom angle is 40 °. If the refractive index between 2.00-2.50, the top angle of 30 ° -40 °, the bottom angle of 37 ° -41 °. Shop, where is the sale of diamonds? If the store is not very professional or deliberately conceal, perhaps all told you that the Belgian workers, in fact, their own first to understand, but also to facilitate their initial differences. The so-called Belgian workers, Israeli workers are refers to the diamond cut, the world's diamond processing center mainly Russia, the United States New York, Belgium's Antwerp, Israel's Tel Aviv, India's Mumbai, India five cutting center. The following are the same as the " Russia used the production of automated machines, processing the ratio of diamonds are within a very good range, polishing is also very good, in accordance with the traditional name, but also the cut called the Soviet Union, the Soviet Union is characterized by diamonds Are round drill, 57 faces, bottom grinding, the waist is very detailed, was translucent matte-like, the surface is often parallel to the fine line, the size of the diamond from 1 to 10 karats have; The United States processing diamonds automatic round machine mainly the introduction of Israel, processed diamonds, including diamonds and a variety of fancy cut diamonds, the main processing large drill, more than 5 karats of large drilling, the United States cut round diamond There are 58 faces, the bottom polished polished into a transparent octagonal, the edge of the grinding into a transparent facet, the United States processed diamonds symmetrical than the Soviet workers and Belgian workers; Belgium currently produces diamond cutting tools all over the world, usually in the international market with this type of tool grinding out of the diamonds are called Belgian workers, Belgian processing of diamonds, including diamonds and all kinds of fancy cut diamonds , The size from 1 point to 10 carats have, the round drill is usually 57 faces, and some slightly sharpened into a matte bottom of the small white point (58), to prevent the diamond mixed when the friction is damaged, In addition the waist edge is not polished, was matte, processed diamonds from the table to see the pavilion shadows of different sizes, the crown facet symmetrical slightly Replica Cartier love bracelet less, a small part of the processing of diamonds with fish-eye effect or black effect. Israel used to use traditional tools, processing out of the diamond waist is more rough, the processing of the round drill from 10 to 50 points. Today, the Israeli cutting has been shrinking, polished very well, diamonds look very bright, and they retain the original crystal face, so sometimes the diamond is not only 57, this approach is more flexible, the diamond cost-effective to be improved; India's diamonds in the traditional way to the main workshop, processed diamond polishing effect is not good, symmetry is poor, but they are processed diamonds mainly small drill, usually around 20 minutes. The following are the same as the " From the price point of view: As long as it is a good cut, are almost the price, if the general cut, or Belgium, Russia, some of your own, Israel's moderate, India's most cheap. Of course, the size and characteristics of each country's cut is not the same, so it is not very good such horizontal comparison. We choose to cut or mainly to see the appraisal agencies given the evaluation as the main reference