LEGO Building Creative DIY Heart van cleef necklace replica Pendant tutorial. Very simple handmade, creative what can play ah!

Main material:
Lego 2 blocks (red four holes with curved edge), necklace (based chain) 1
Open a circle

Required tools:
Round head clamp 1 put

Producing process:
Step 1:
1 minute will be able to complete the DIY. The girls are still waiting for something, come and try.

Step 2:
Will be two Lego blocks together, the left on the right or, on the right can be.

Step 3:
With a round jaw to open the open circle, through the Lego blocks a hole and alhambra van red necklace imitaion, then open the opening, it is completed.

Step 4:
Finished. I believe you cannot wait to bring such a simple and creative fake alhambra necklace.

Or can only wear a building block in a van cleef 18k necklace replica, another piece of building blocks to another van cleef alhambra pendant fake to give love, so that two people together are a heart.