K gold girl "worship money" new ideas A "worship money" heart is happy, "worship money" heart is fashionable. T stage is showing off the charm of gold, the designer's new clothes as the devil to seduce you? It seems to promote a new vision of visual claims. The expression of luxury fashion means often associated with the metal, those who look dazzling exception of the golden silk, leather and even gold accessories, first of all people think of is luxury. Metallic new texture not bright gold to matte This year's popular material to metal color at the beginning, was implicitly cast a layer of mist, matte color, matte metallic color represents the people thirst for prosperity. GUCCI, CELINE, KENZO, SoniaRykiel and other brands of designers unanimously launched a metallic color fabric super sexy, ultra-luxury Cartier love ring replica women's series. Using the soft texture of silk to create the effect of metallic matte, like bronze-like imitation old luster, gold silk on the lace, style has its advantages, the feeling of fog gold is impressive. Even gold jewelry as far as possible using the effect of imitation, there is no previous impression of gold jewelry, jewels of tacky, more like unearthed cultural relics as simple. Make-up in addition to seasonal hot fruit tones, this season's pearl sense is more prominent. Pearlescent eye shadow, lip gloss, a change powder powder matt face, pearl golden face more suitable for indoor and outdoor light irradiation, as bright as the star dazzling. Some fine powder such as pearl powder is particularly popular, it can make your face shiny. Colorless and transparent lip gloss is no longer popular, be replaced by the more pearl lip gloss. A little transparent, a touch of color, plus a metallic shine, like the phrase described in the ad: such as diamonds distributed bright light. In this case, Metal texture of the new non-ferrous metal powder sheen Now the metallic color is not equal to gold, silver, those pink color coated with a layer of glossy, completely artificial metal texture. Rich and shiny colorful fabrics, silky texture with subtle shiny metallic luster, so that both the pink and gold gorgeous. This year you will not try the metal color? Some Questions about Metal Does metallic color suit subtle character? Breakdown of the popular this season, is not difficult to find, and now the metal color more in line with the implicit introverted style. Bronze tone, pink tone, matte feeling popular, in fact, those exaggerated pure gold is hard to find traces. Is metal color exposed to shortcomings? ??of course. With sufficient impact at the same time, but also for the body out of a problem. However, the use of metal color will also modify the body properly! Is not the chest full? Metallic luster can help you. Simple bright low-cut vest can expand your bust, the same material can enhance the hip-type miniskirt. Note that in trying to be sure to light enough place, so as to convey the real wearing effect. Shiny makeup for Asians? Western models are actually trying to change their pale complexion, adding the natural bronze tone it! Caucasians think yellowish face is more youthful than pink. Brown line of metal texture imitation Cartier love bracelet for yellow skin color, eyelid in the coated powder when the attention is not too strong, make the eyes look swollen. In this case, Metal color trap Large area of gold dress VS fat body shape Friendship Rescue: reduce the size of use, can be decorated in key parts. To be too tight, this will highlight the shortcomings. Bronze gold tone VS black skin Friendship Rescue: wheat color is more suitable with a light-colored, highlight each other, showing a healthy vitality. The same dim color combination together becomes blurred. Try a light pink metallic fabric, will be more suitable. Metal Dress VS jewelry Friendship Rescue: unless attending important activities, or daily wear, shiny dress enough to wear gold and silver jewelry, people will doubt your taste. In fact, the metal color to be careful when wearing, too easy to pile up to become elegant vulgar. Try to get rid of all the accessories, just keep the body a simple shine, do not forget this is a simple, casual age. After a few days of thunderstorms, the city once again ushered in the weekend sunny days, temperatures as high as 35, 6 degrees, hot weather so stylish Shanghai girls have put on a cool summer clothes. Wrist is the most exposed part of the girls, smart girls in Shanghai will not miss this opportunity to dress up their own; nowadays wearing gold bracelets hanging silver has been regarded as outdated, and a wide range of hand straps, watches and even stickers As girls dress up this summer, slender hand of the important props, they Qiaoxiahuaxi make a big fuss, greatly "playing" a "wrist." Paper hand with a wooden bracelet back to basics Whether in large shopping malls or small jewelry store, this summer the new listing of colored hand straps are quite attractive. One of the most special is undoubtedly a "paper hand belt", in fact, paper is added inside the tin, making the hand with a hard and shiny, it is the biggest advantage is arbitrary, you want to tie tied to you, the wrist "Packaging" was different. Buy a few colors, thickness, length of the paper hand strap, wrapped in two more laps on the wrist, but also with different clothes, especially popular. In addition, the national style of the wooden bracelet has become a display of props personality. Gently clever a wooden bracelet, brown surface coated with a layer of thin bright oil, can clearly see the texture of wood, as if the slightest smell of the breath of forest, creating a unique and simple feeling. Big table flower table fashion "table" situation Simplicity and pragmatism dominated the summer of Shanghai, "the wrist between the trend" for the office girl and street fashion crush are not prepared for wrist jewelry is expensive luxury jewelry, but the distinctive fashion watches, ticking, revealing Out of their midsummer Xinyu. Alternative and rough "Big Head" is here to send girls to send sports favorite, bronze, printed with faces, skeletons and pirate Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica markers, both exaggerated and swagger, used to match the most appropriate casual dress cool; but with the soft style Of the flower pattern is the watch, colorful, unique style, matched with four or five different colors of the strap, it is not put it down. Crystal stickers show cool Last year, the popular color tattoo stickers this year and renovated tricks, one of the most dazzling crystal stickers should be, the natural effect of the flicker decorated in the slender wrist, whether it is simple and elegant design, or with exotic, are Can become the focus of dress. Reporters today in Shanghai, the most lively commercial center Xujiahui to see, many girls wrist are shining with this sparkling stickers, some are a tender and beautiful rose to drop, and some large group jumping flames, there is even a Claws of the snake. In a fashion store, a girl asked the clerk to help herself stick a butterfly on the back of the wrist