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To know the G table is true or false first of all may wish to know exactly what source G table

Casio G-SHOCK, one of the brands of watches, with a powerful and durable, waterproof and so on. SHOCK is the impact of the impact of the impact of medicine is the meaning of shock. The front of G represents gravity gravity. However, the market, Casio G-SHOCK fake is also very much. So how do we identify Casio G-SHOCK watch true and false? Let the watch home to tell you now!
First, special note:
“Novice”: here specifically refers to the initial contact or purchase G table of people, the G table history and related knowledge is not very understanding – in a sense, everyone is “novice”, no who is “big god” and “Brick home”.
G-Lock, ORIGIN, BASIC, Bluetooth, etc.), excluding the MRG series (I have not touched this Series, so do not mention words), does not include PRO TREK, OCEANUS, EDIFICE, BABY-G series of watches, although these tables in some features or performance and G table overlap overlap.
Second, G table supply rough classification:
To know the G table is true or false, first of all, may wish to know exactly what source G table. Can be divided into three categories Cartier love bracelet replica : false G table, semi-true and false G table, true G table.
1, false G table: false G table is also divided into high imitation and low imitation. High imitation G table non-professionals is difficult to identify, almost chaos, but these high imitation G table model is relatively small, and the overall number of small, generally in foreign markets, the mainland market rarely met; However, I believe that with the growth of China G table market, such a high imitation products will gradually increase.
Low imitation of the false G table is easy to see, there are many professionals who give a very detailed explanation and analysis, not much to say – personal feeling this low imitation false G table and true G table difference is equivalent to Xifeng and Cang teacher, at a glance, very good to distinguish.
2, semi-true and false G table: such tables and high imitation G table similar to the current domestic not much. The basic idea is through a few old tables for disassembly and repair, combined into a new or almost new G table.
3, true G table: true G table can be divided into four categories – factory goods, Japanese version, overseas version, the mainland version.
3-1 in stock: a lot of friends that do not exist factory goods, this argument is biased, manufacturers have been there (2012 only black and white with the “bomb” GW-M5610TH-1 there are a lot of factory goods). It is related to the structure of CASIO company, CASIO company is the production, sale, sale is three lines, these three lines are independent operation (which is very important, and later will be mentioned), so the factory production and Sales are irrelevant, this structure prompted the existence of factory Cartier love ring replica goods. The original G table the largest production base in Guangzhou, so that time Guangzhou G table factory goods a lot; now the largest production base in Thailand, so now the factory in Thailand is also a lot of (with foreign search engine search G-SHOCK, there will be Many of the many Thai websites). CASIO company also know this situation, so some of the high-end series such as MRG, MTG and aviation are in Japan’s Yamagata factory production, is to put an end to these high-end G table series also appeared factory goods.
3 – 2 日 Edition: This is easy to understand, specifically for the Japanese G table. There are some G table is only issued in Japan, and not for other markets. Japanese version of the most significant feature is the box (paper box, no iron box packaging), as well as manual (all Japanese manual).
3-3 Overseas Edition: Overseas Edition is for Japanese and Continental Edition. G table sales map is basically divided into three sections: the Japanese domestic market, the Chinese market, the United States and the rest of the overseas market. These three markets are not only sales, but also related to the sales system and many other different. Hong Kong, Macao, although belong to China, but in the G table or belong to overseas markets. The distinctive feature of the overseas edition is the carton packaging + round iron box packaging (sometimes the continental version may also be round iron box, such as GW-A1100FC-1).
3-4 mainland version: especially the Chinese mainland market. Significant features are carton packaging + hexagonal box + Chinese manual + Chinese label (July 2014, the carton outside the Chinese label affixed, “Shanghai Free Trade Area” and other words).
Three, three kinds of “do not fly” identification method:
Regardless of others or related experts how to think, I personally think that these three methods of Cartier nail bracelet replica identification in particular do not fly:
1, the price of identification: If you are like Wang Sicong, is the trench, but also pull what the calf ah, directly on the store to buy chanting! Unfortunately, 90% of people are not to say that at a lower price to buy genuine G table So why the price is always around a consideration factor. But what is the lower price? Is there a standard line?
In order to answer this question, we first look at a rough look at the G table sales channels, offline sales channels: Direct store (not a few), an agent of the store and counter, two agents (Such as JUICE, Begins, etc.); online sales channels: the official flagship store, the official authorized Lynx shop, the official authorized Jingdong shop, tide shop online shop; the rest can be said to be “black shop ”
Whether it is online or offline, the official authorization are not discount sales. Bluntly, if you want to buy low-cost G table, can only find “black shop”, the main is to see the “black shop” “black” to what extent.

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Rolex watch diving series with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans

Rolex watch diving series, with a lock to the table is particularly loved by the table fans, the so-called “lock” refers to the Rolex watch table buckle, and therefore also called the screwdriver table, it is somewhat similar to the bottle cover The The seal of the watch is usually made two, one in the table head, the other in the handle tube or handle shaft.
The structure and function of the Rolex watch
“Lock the” watch usually to press it tighten, tighten the direction of the majority of the spin, but also have a reverse rotation, when the need to watch the winding or dial, it is necessary to unscrew the table, Automatically pops up. This type of table handle is two sections, the table head with the root tube, slightly thick, there is a small spring, the handle of the end of the stem is a 6 square, and the table head of the tube is a 6, the table head drive Handle axis rotation is by the 6 side of the match.
When the table into the table, the table head tube of the spring is compressed, inside and outside the two 6 side off, so when the tightening of the table when the movement is not on the movement. Watches are used to “lock the” structure, the purpose is to improve the sealing and waterproof Cartier love bracelet replica performance. About more than 50M waterproof indicators, diving series are mostly used in such a table, the typical is ROLEX Rolex watches. Ordinary watches, in the table to waterproof measures, only in the table head with a small “O” ring, by the circle and handle the head with, to achieve the role of closed. As the use of the table is relatively high frequency, in the long-term use, “O” ring will produce aging and wear, it will lead to bad watch seal, which is why the general watch the location of the water, reason.
Another problem, the general handle of the head of the handle is simply pressed by the mounted on the case, and “lock” watch the handle tube is threaded, it is screwed into the case, so sealing performance Very reliable. Some watch with the code function of the watch, and even the three table are made with a lock.
“Lock” watch structure is more complex, so more likely to damage, and this is usually used to wear a great relationship, the more common faults are the following.
(1) handle head tube off, said above, “lock” watch the handle tube is screwed into the case by the screw, it should also smear point oxide, it is off and the use of improperly have a great relationship The Mainly when the table is screwed into the time, always forced too large, resulting in the handle tube and the case with the fastness of the poor, long past, and finally in the withdrawal of the table when the handle to the head tube out, Also exposed a hole, the watch is not waterproof.
(2) between the table and handle the head of the thread buckle buckle, the table into the feel when the strenuous, or tightly found when the head is crooked. The problem is long-term screw into the table when the buckle is not correct, the correct way is, gently press the table, slowly rotate it, if the feeling of resistance, it should be re-bit rotation The
(3) when the table tightened, the handle in the head can not stay, the old out of the bomb, the problem is also caused by damage to the screw, or the table was thrown, there is deformation; also may be the table to the internal organs too More, but this can be resolved by cleaning.
(4) the table in the chord or dial when there is a sense of slippage, giggling, the reason is the table head tube within the 6 side damage caused by the more common is the pipe cracks or expansion, it can not normally move the handle Axis, to the needle and winding. No other good way to solve, repair can only go to replace the new Cartier love ring replica table head, in order to avoid a similar problem, the operation of the table, the action must be light and slow, feeling hindered the first pull back the needle, and then dial. I remember the early years when I learned the car, which coach master usually love to say a word: “slow, slow, slow, a slow all have”, this is used in the watch, but also very suitable, of course, even light.
(5) table only to set the needle or adjust the calendar, and can not be winding, the problem should be the head of the head tube spring elasticity is not good, the arbor can not be completely ejected, resulting in the machine with not in place, the equivalent of the handle Short of the kind of phenomenon, the solution can be done to try cleaning a refueling.
In short, the “lock” watch in the use of wear, must be more careful, the operation must not be too hard, regularly appropriate to the table to add a little waterproof silicone oil, clean the handle on the head of the button, is also a good The maintenance method.
Tissot mechanical watch power source is the clockwork of the watch, under normal circumstances the mechanical watch full of the clock can operate 36 hours. If the lack of motivation will cause the watch to stop the situation. So how do the winding Timor mechanical watch? The following watch home to tell you!
For the first time you use: Rotate the handle 20-30 times, so that the winding winding. Tissot mechanical watch through the human body swing winding, but now people living very little moving, so if you do not often walk the best manual winding.In addition, for a shuttle has been stopped Tissot watches or new handsome Tissot watch, before wearing must be manual On the 25-35 chord, so that the winding in the full string state, and then use will be more stable.As a result of automatic watches, so watch the clock box has protective measures to prevent the transition winding caused by the possibility of broken strings to the automatic Tissot watch winding did not end Of the time, generally 25-35 under the.
Automatic mechanical watch, as long as your exercise enough, it is advocated as little as possible to use Cartier nail bracelet replica the hand to send the winding, because hand dial on the winding, need to drive a lot of automatic wheel rotation, automatic parts is very easy to wear, so that customers increase unnecessary maintenance cost.
Manual mechanical watch is usually rotated by the crown, to tighten the watch inside the winding, the spring system to release the kinetic energy to drive the watch timing function. All of these processes are done by mechanical principles and construction.
The full winding can usually make the watch walk about 30 hours, the longest or even up to eight days or more. If you want to watch the non-stop operation, you need to pay attention to tighten the winding at any time; but excessive tightening the clock will lead to damage to the watch, it is usually recommended only one day winding, and even some people suggested that the same time every day , The reason is that different temperatures for the clock will have an impact, so that better maintenance of watches.

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The mystery of the bvlgari ring fake how much do you know?

Chinese culture is broad and profound, all aspects of life are contained feng shui mystery, even the inch between the imitation ring bvlgari to wear, but also pay attention. Wearing a ring can be rich and prosperous, once the wrong but may be counterproductive. In the international arena, the ring wearing the index finger that single, left middle finger that engagement, left ring finger means marriage, right middle finger and index finger that single married, hands are the end of marriage is not marriage.

In the eyes of the Chinese people, the imitation bvlgari zero ring is given a deeper meaning, the Chinese people pay attention to the blessing of Lu Shou, so the replica bvlgari jewelry of wear and meaning is not simple. Few people are wearing a imitation bvlgari b zero ring white gold in the thumb, but in the old is very common, especially a certain social status of men like the Bulgari ring wearing a thumb, then also called pull. The ring is worn on the thumb to symbolize the longevity of the longevity, Ronglu long, suitable for the elderly.

But the thumb is best to wear the bvlgari ring b zero knock off worn on the left hand, easy to wear on the right hand, but also easy to work because of the right hand damage the ring. Thumb ring to pay attention to style, ladies can wear delicate slender circle, to express an independent.

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As the Tissot watch strap cortex easy to penetrate avoid contact with oil-based substances or cosmetics

Favorite watch failure is a very troublesome thing, after all, to buy a favorite watch is not an easy thing, the money and the energy of what is not to be underestimated. And because the watch is too delicate and delicate. Maintenance is not so easy. Then the maintenance of the watch how much money it? Let the watch home to take you to find out about itHow much does it cost to maintain a watch?    First of all, different damage maintenance price is not the same, mainly to see where the watch out of the fault. If the watch is only led by the magnetic lead time is not allowed, then for such a watch repair costs are free maintenance. If the watch because there is no long-term maintenance movement caused by dry mud inside the table, resulting in the watch is not allowed to travel, need to know what the movement of the watch model, different models of Pomellato bracelet replica models, maintenance of research machine movement costs are not the same. If the thousands of dollars on the quartz watch is not allowed to go, there may be caused by no battery watch, watch repair only need to replace the new battery on the line. The cost of the battery is relatively low.    Ordinary watch the demolition fee is 770 yuan, if it is gold table, demolition costs in more than 800 yuan. According to the provisions of the watch industry associations, tens of thousands of watches, in addition to demolition costs, but also according to Tissot watches, grade prices, etc. charge a thousandth of the inspection fee. For those who do not wear long mechanical watches, should also be a regular winding, so that the machine chip rotation. As for the quartz watch, its battery life is generally 1 to 2 years, the battery should be replaced regularly, the battery should also replace the ring.”Made in Switzerland” is the brand of Tissot never scorn, the Tissot logo in the “+” and the Swiss flag the same, this is a symbol of quality, showing the brand since 1853 to continue to pass the reliable quality. Tissot is an innovative brand, but it never forgets its own Swiss blood. 160 years ago, it was established in the Swiss Jura mountain town of Liluo Ke, and its headquarters is still there.General watch shop can repair Tissot watch?    Tissot as the Swiss table in the pro-people brand, a lot of people in the country to buy. Use more people, there are more problems. If the Tissot table failure can the general watch shop repair Pomellato ring replica ? Watch home here, unless it is not more expensive Tissot watches in the general watch shop maintenance problem is not great. But still recommend you to the official maintenance point of the best! In order to avoid some “black heart” boss to “small problem that big problem” to peck the money!Tissot watch how to maintain    As the Tissot watch strap cortex easy to penetrate, avoid contact with oil-based substances or cosmetics.    Mechanical movement Tissot watch, every 3 to 5 years to do a machine maintenance. This will not only keep the watch in a good running state, but also effectively extend its service life.    Tissot watch strap maintenance day shuttle table strap to avoid contact with moisture and moisture to prevent discoloration and deformation.    Tissot watch strap to avoid long-term exposure to the sun, to prevent fading.    Tissot watch the regular maintenance of a Tissot watch a year to conduct a waterproof test and appearance cleaning.British Nagai origin in 1854, is an ancient Swiss watch brand. Since its inception has always been the manufacture of distinguished time leader. For those who use the British Naja watch, cleaning and maintenance work is very important. The following watch home to introduce the British Nagai watch how to clean!British Naja watch how to clean    Cleaning the British Nagard watch also polished watch the appearance of the watch. Because the watch on the technical parameters of the request is very high, so cleaning the watch is a very fine job, professional cleaning usually takes 5 days to complete. While the old watch after such a complex professional cleaning, the general can turn to Bacheng new    Of course, the cleaning of the Swiss British Nagar watches need a certain cost, especially on the million Swiss Swiss watch, maintenance costs are high. According to the Swiss British Naja watch different quality, demolition costs are also many.    In addition to the need to avoid friction with the same or more hardness of the object, but also regularly cleaned to keep the surface of the watch straps, such as tungsten and titanium alloy, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel and other types of wear, Its good decorative.    Regularly wash the watch, hand sweat on the strap with corrosive, steel situation, because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance, semi-steel case, with sweat, easy to corrosion long-term contact.CK watch has a strong American simple fashion style, since the birth has been a great pursuit. A lot of friends who use Pomellato Jewelry replica will encounter the battery did not point the situation, the following watch home to tell you ck watch battery models are what it!CK watch battery model which    CK watches are usually quartz watch, and quartz watch batteries are 1.55V, without exception! Brand, then only 2, the Swiss table is generally used RENATA, the price of 150-200 yuan, the Japanese table and most of the fashion table is used SONY The price is tens of dollars, not more than 100 yuan, but the watch, then cover the cost of more expensive, after all, will affect the waterproof function, so the best to the brand after-sales shop maintenance.    Finally watch the home tips: for some of the more expensive CK watches do not recommend their own replacement batteries. If the waterproof ring was removed, the watch would not have a waterproof function. And watch the best cover or the use of professional tools, so to the watch shop replacement is the best choice. But to go to the regular watch shop, so as not to encounter the black heart of the boss pit to cheat money!

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1, placed in the place where the best place to place desiccant, but to avoid the use of mothballs, insect repellent and other chemicals.2, the cortex of the watch should try to avoid contact with water, so as not to harden the table, smelly, and thus lead to fracture results.3, if the occurrence of abnormal shape when the watch should be immediately sent to the special watch shop check.4, automatic table must be enough in the case of activity, that is, must wear more than 10 hours a day or more.5, different occasions should wear different watches, such as sports, the best choice of waterproof and excellent shock resistance of sports watches.6, the table cover if marked WATER RESESTENT or 3ATM hand that the degree of water protection is limited to no pressure under the water or light rain.7, to remind you that any watch should not be worn imitation Bvlgari watch in warm water or bathroom, even if your watch is a waterproof watch, because the watch is sealed rubber, warm easily aging, and the surrounding water vapor molecules smaller, it is easy to penetrate Case, resulting in internal mechanical damage.8, because each watch its internal mechanical structure are different, in the normal use of the state, the mechanical table or automatic table error of 30 seconds per day, while the quartz table error is also relatively accurate.Strap maintenance of the recipe – steel articlesPerhaps the relationship between the technical level, for the whole watch, the watch is often less concerned about the movement, but in fact it is “watch wear” the most important part. Strap can be easily divided into the refining belt and belt, which because of the rugged and unique metal luster to become the first choice for many of the table fans, but if improper maintenance, easy to maintain the refining of the refining belt will be your appearance Yo! :How about scratches? In the brilliant light to show the moving color, smooth and smooth Lian Lian is a favorite of many table fans, but also because of this proud character, as long as the strap appeared a trace of scratches, the whole table becomes pale The What about scratches? You can go to the clock and watch the line to buy “K gold wipes cloth” (or magic cloth) to wipe their own, if the scratches can not be removed deep, or wait until the regular maintenance by the maintenance master a clean up, but if the injury is heavy Was handled by the master. 2. Oh! How to become this virtue? The table is long for hoarding, and the sludge that accumulates in the joints of the table or with the sweat and dirt is made of malodor. When you encounter this situation, you can take a soft toothbrush stained with a little toothpaste or detergent light brush strap and seams, then rinse with water to wipe with a hair dryer after the hair dryer can be used to dry. In addition K gold watch for a long time will be due to oxidation and color, in addition to the master to deal with, but also can be wiped with toothpaste, the effect will make you satisfied with Replica Bvlgari Watch . In the jewelry table, consumers in addition to the diamond should pay attention to whether there are signs of loose, you can also use a toothbrush dip salad cleaning dirty parts of diamonds, and jewelry and medicine is also a good way to soak. We in the process of cleaning up, no matter how careful, there will still be seepage, if the cleaning of the strap and let the table body water may be worth the candle, or love the table by the master order it. 2. Metal strap if wet (water, perspiration, etc.) and not easy to rust. Metal rust or dirt easily seep from the seams stained clothing, and even cause skin allergies, so remove the table or water after washing, please remember to use the cloth to dry and then wear the joints. Another diving watch “ashore” after rinse with water, the use of chemicals but easily lead to injury. 3.K gold material refining belt due to the material is soft, subject to impact or improper touch is likely to cause scratches, in addition to life in the traffic exhaust, pool chlorine or human sweat and so will K gold table color. So that the strap to keep dry, and carefully wear and put, and advertised high hardness of titanium or high-tech ceramic table, should also be careful to avoid impact or fall, after all, does not mean that all-conquering hard.Strap maintenance of the recipe – belt articlesIn addition to refining the band, the belt is another piece of the band. Leather strap not only looks elegant and fashion sense, in the cold winter wear together feel warm and comfortable. However, the leather strap is not easy to maintain the fear of many of the table fans, the magazine to tell you the correct concept of belt maintenance, so that your strap can accompany you for a long time, after all, asking price of thousands of dollars of the table Band is not cheap na!What is it? The production of elegant, elegant leather strap has been welcomed by many watch fans, the overall appearance, in addition to the table itself to be known to head, with the appropriate strap will make the wearer seems more temperament, but Strap odor is the biggest trouble with the belt wearer. When the strap to produce odor, the toothbrush stained with a little soapy water, quickly scrub dirty place, and then wipe with a damp cloth can be. To avoid the infiltration of soapy water into the cortex, the whole process is best completed in 20 seconds. In addition, consumers can also be painted on the strap leather oil, leather oil on the strap with a protective effect, allowing maintenance work more complete. 2. Belt belt hard to wear when the strap for a long time, in addition to produce odor, the “hardening” is also a common symptom. If the strap is often in a humid environment will accelerate its hardening rate , perspiration will erode the cortex, so that the strap deformation, hardening or even broken, inexplicably caused the loss of the watch or fall. So in addition to the usual diligent maintenance, the strap hardening do not go to twists and turns it, timely replacement of the strap is absolutely necessary. With a little money in exchange for beautiful and beautiful appearance, but also to avoid unnecessary losses, do both, why not? I. We are. of. Ding. Exhort 1. comfort is the most attractive place of the belt, but the maintenance is not easy is also a big trouble. It is recommended that consumers wear belts in the winter, summer or after exercise are easy to sweat, can not wear not wear, if you really want to wear sweat and then wear, to extend the life of the leather strap. 2. Belt material, generally crocodile skin, lizard skin, ostrich skin, shark skin and calfskin, etc., no matter what kind of material for a long time will produce a smell, so do clean and keep dry is the belt maintenance is not Methodology. If the strap is wet, you should immediately dry the cloth, if the dust should also be brushed (if the wet cloth is required to dry after cleaning). In addition, if the sun for a long time will cause the strap deterioration, but also need to pay attention to the place. 3. Belt table do not always wear, if more than two tables can replace the best. Cortical need to breathe, ventilated environment can extend the life of the strap, wearing a different table (belt), not only can reduce the risk of human damage, but also to get enough to rest the strap. In addition, the belt table wear itself is a continuous wear and tear of the process, if not day to run it naturally can accompany you longer time.