perjantai, 4. toukokuu 2018

Earrings bvlgari fake are also hidden and wearing skills

With the beauty of the little fairy more and more, we will not only pay attention to face, accessories also began to defeat up. And a bottle of water milk you may probably use a one or two months, but beautiful, exquisite imitation bvlgari earrings uk, but one day one, with the mood and preferences like how to how!

But the problem has come and found that we all have a small common disease, everyone on the beauty of the eye is nothing, but the match does not seem to understand … In fact, a small knock off bvlgari hoop earrings are also hidden and wearing an indivisible association , Matching the knock off bvlgari stud earrings, but will be virtually to the face repair capacity.

Want to see the face pick knock off bvlgari earrings uk, the first step is to clear their face. I have always been intimate, every face in the introduction of earrings before, will briefly introduce the characteristics of the face. Some babies may also see hin tangled, how to see are not identified, I think their views are subjective, it can not see the big can be forwarded to the girlfriend or male votes, so that they distinguish for you.

We can first remember a principle, it will be easier to understand the following, the relationship between face and knock off bvlgari gold earrings, simple point that is complementary principle: round face on the selection of water chestnut; face with water chestnut on the selected radian; Choose short; short face on the election of long; in short is to follow the principle of learning from each other, and then choose to look good for the earrings.

perjantai, 4. toukokuu 2018

Cartier necklace imitation so that women meet their temperament

For women, jewelry is a very attractive items, reasonable to wear their own temperament can be more prominent, on the contrary, unreasonable wear will cause the opposite effect, especially the choice of women’s copy cartier necklace is the need to be careful The So, here is a brief introduction to how to choose their own necklace.

First of all, we can first for their own positioning, according to their own identity, occupation and family status, etc. can be the basic positioning. Such as engaged in teachers, naturally belong to the relatively quiet type, then you can wear some of the more slender female cartier pendant replica, not exaggerated nor publicity, simple but also can show a different temperament, enough to make themselves in the same type of crowd Which issued a dazzling light.

Second, you can also from the age of careful consideration. If the female age is younger, the same wearing a slim female replica cartier necklace will be more in line with their temperament, and older women can choose a relatively thick female fake cartier necklace, both from the experience of life or temperament, Are in line with their own temperament, and even can play their nature is good.
Then, you can also choose according to their own hobbies. If you really like a style of the female yellow gold cartier love ring fake, may wish to boldly try to accept the views of others with different choices, or after a simple attempt to find that this is actually very suitable for their own, or found that in fact their favorite is important of. It ‘s important to really make yourself happy.

perjantai, 4. toukokuu 2018

With the Cartier ring replica is very particular about

The Cartier ring is not only for women, but more and more men are now particularly fond of wearing Cartier rings. Like girls, boys wear Cartier ring of learning also a lot, such as which hand to wear, which finger, etc., are exquisite. Wearing the knowledge of copy cartier gold ring, we remind boys that when wearing Cartier rings, we should pay attention to the specific meaning of wearing Cartier rings, so as to wear a Cartier ring.

In general, Cartier rings are worn on the left hand, the same is true for boys. However, some of the pursuit of personality of the boys will knock off cartier ring diamond on the right hand, in fact, there is no special meaning, only play a decorative role. This is also an explanation of the boy’s knowledge of wearing Cartier rings.

Cartier rings are worn on different fingers and have different meanings. A married person, for example, is usually worn on the left-hand ring finger. Boys wear cartier love diamond ring imitation of learning, here are special hints, some boys will Cartier ring on the thumb, which is the symbol of rights and status, the General people can not casually wear. Men wear the knowledge of imitation cartier white gold ring, here need to put forward is, men’s Cartier ring best not too thin, the best is thicker, heavier weight, such a Cartier ring worn in the hands of boys, just more in line with the male’s rugged, heroic character characteristics, Peja wear up more manly. Boys wear Cartier rings of knowledge is very exquisite, before wearing the copy cartier diamond rings is needed to get a general look at the first. We are the first brand of diamonds, when you buy Cartier ring, will be intimate to you to explain some of the wearing of Cartier ring knowledge, will make you very decent, very comfortable to wear.

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What do men wear van cleef bracelets fake?

I want every boy like the style is not the same, but I just bought a bracelet: clover bracelet van cleef and arpels fake to me BF, he likes to share with you. That day to the store asked men to wear any mother of pearl clover bracelet imitation, Miss shopping guide introduced me to Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet. Obsidian is a kind of igneous rock, many people think that obsidian does not belong to crystal, but obsidian composition is also the main silica. Obsidian is a volcanic lava after the rapid cooling of the formation of a natural glass, are non-pure crystal crystal gem.

As the pure energy of obsidian is absorbed energy, generally recommended with right hand is better, almost all of the crystal is wearing a left hand, only obsidian can wear the right hand. Because according to the principle of China’s air left and right, the left hand is the intake of the right hand are exhaust, right hand wearing obsidian to help their own negative energy to absorb, including less dirty things or sick, or even Bad luck can be. So when you ask men what bracelet van cleef replica wear good, many people will introduce obsidian.

But obsidian wear left hand or right hand is possible, it depends on what kind of energy you want BF. In general, if you want to prevent some bad negative energy, you can wear on the left hand, so that bad energy will not invade. What do men wear van cleef bracelets fake? I think this question can be said to vary from person to person, my introduction here is just a reference. If you still want to know what men wear knock off van cleef bracelets, I suggest you go online to search someone else’s recommendation, I believe you will get more answers.

maanantai, 16. huhtikuu 2018

fake Van Cleef & Arpels Premium Jewelry Series Emerald Bracelet

This knock off van cleef bracelets comes from Van Cleef & Arpels this year’s “Emeraude en Majesté” series of fine jewelry, staggered at both ends of the mosaic of a curved face of the emerald, imitation van cleef and arpels clover bracelet inlaid gradient purple sapphire and diamonds, constitute the traditional Cable style pattern.

Two emerald main stone were heavy 19.80ct and 21.48ct, origin for Colombia, this large size pairs of emerald gem is relatively rare, excellent clarity is even more valuable.

fake bracelet van cleef and arpels wall was the general spiral of the structure, from the round purple sapphire and diamonds wrong stack, which was gradually arranged in the size of purple sapphire, showing a unique sense of flow, the bracelet itself was also staggered design, to create a Uniform visual effects.

Nueo pattern in the van cleef clover bracelet knock off at both ends of the transition to the heart-shaped claws, hold up the mausoleum of the main stone, pawl between the purple sapphires and diamonds to bring out the emerald bright colors.